Stung Meanchey

Stung Meanchey – the old rubbish dump

  • 800 – 1500 people, individuals, but also whole families live under inhumane conditions, under make-shift tents and provisional sheds.
  • They live on food from rubbish collection trucks.
  • They collect usable recycling rubbish and sell it to raw material dealers.
  • Due to lack of alternatives they drink and wash themselves with strongly toxic water.
  • In rare cases some family members have the chance of a job, sewing for sometimes  well-known textile manufacturers who sell their products in Europe. Working conditions: 28 days/month, 12-14 hours a day, absence is not allowed, absence due to illness will be deducted twice and/or causes immediate job loss, work space per worker is approx. 1.2 square meters, monthly wage max. 32 US $
  • Goal of WCCF: Clean water and food, basic health care and education in order to escape the vicious circle. In cooperation with other organisations, WCCF aims to achieve its stated goals with minimum cost and maximum benefit for the people we are helping.

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