About World Children Care Foundation e.V.

World Children Care Foundation e.V

Is an incorporated non-profit approved society. We are aimed at supporting stranded people especially children and teenagers from Third World countries and from Eastern Europe by self-help aid projects. To this counts both the supply of the poorest with clean water and food, the establishment of a primary health care, and the advancement of the infrastructure for example well sinking as well as different kinds of educational aids like construction, repairs and sponsorship of schools and homes, provision of teaching material, grant of research grants and much more. This is visually pointed out by the pillars in our emblem (upper left side)

Your goals = our goals

As an incorporated non-profit organisation we exclusively fund our goals by ourselves and are dependent on your support. On this page you can find much information on our work. We hope on your support and ensure to use your donation 100% for our non-profit approved statute.

On request we furthermore also offer to spend your donation on a special project. This will be complemented through scholarships for children, teenagers, families, wells and schools. Recent and further information can be obtained upon request. Please use our contact form. We are glad to send you our ongoing newsletter.

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